The Zero Energy Ready  Home vs. the 30year mortgage

A house in the North in winter may have a harsh winter electricity monthly bill in the hundreds of dollars.  A house in the South may have a scorching summer cooling monthly bill in the hundreds of dollars.  Everyone in the middle pays both, and all year long.

Imagine, if your home generates every bit of electricity you will need to heat or cool, cook and everything else.  Every month the house would supply the utilities in complete compensation for your usage.  The hundreds of dollars Each Month could instead go toward your mortgage, rapidly and radically reducing the principal, the years you will owe the bank, and reducing the eventual interest you would pay by... possibly, hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

I have heard that the upfront cost of a photovoltaic system would always cost too much money to justify.  I have also heard that photovoltaic systems are really a luxury item reserved for the rich.  With the cost of solar coming down so dramatically, with the advent of electric vehicles, with upfront construction financing at 80% of the asset, it makes practical sense to install power generation on every properly configured home, especially the homes of those Most in Need of Financial Security!

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