Portraits and Landscapes

I've been spending the past few months scanning my collected film slide collection into digital formats.  In the doing of it, I have become aware of the two standard proportions of slides: vertical (portrait) and horizontal (landscape). The rectangular tradition based loosely on the golden rectangle oriented in two ways for the purpose of paintings is deeply regarded in our subconscious formation of art and cities.  Rotation of the rectangle provides cues to either address entrance ways and destinations in upright spines of portraiture, or to conversely, propel ahead into a wider world landscape.

Angular momentum and curvatures signify transitions.  We recognize the visual language without a second thought.  We turn.  We change direction. Within either the portrait oriented view or the landscape format, angular/curved precursors of the next urban juncture.  

Occasionally, surprised by a shocking urban montage of landscape and portrait simultaneous...the nexus a thrill of relief and activity.

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