A proposal for a significant empty block at the entrance to the downtown of a small city on Lake Michigan.  The project includes a high quality Hotel and conference center, restaurant and cafe, cinema theater, farm to table marketplace, stores, condominiums, and an internal parking deck garage with green roof.  Also included is a public roof terrace looking out over Lake Michigan. This project is in process.


Proposal for a mixed use building at the intersection of Front Street and the Boardman River in Traverse City, Michigan.  The building would include a Cafe, Specialty Foods, Restaurant with River Terrace, Health Club along a river walk, Stores, Condominiums (both moderate and high-end) and an internal parking deck garage with green roof and green fresh air buffers. 

Black Star Winery

The Black Star winery and tasting room are within this building along with the renowned Leelanau Cheese creamery.  The wine tasting space was featured in an article in May 2008 Wine Enthusiast,"25 of the Best Tasting Rooms in America".

Workshop Brewery

Craft brewery in the Garland Street Warehouse District, Traverse City

Inland Seas Education Association

The project began with a walk out of curiosity in the snow in January to look over a closed lumber yard and buildings with Tom Kelly, Director and Captain of Inland Seas Education Association.  The process led through funding, recession, volunteers, building codes and ultimately to a successful facility.  Winner of the Grand Traverse Heritage Center "Adaptive Reuse" award in 2009.

Motovino Wine Shop-

Storefront remodel for Eric Owen, owner and builder/designer.

"The Garage"- an open air restaurant

Grace Episcopal Church, Traverse City

We added a new entry canopy, try-glyph window, emergency exit blended with existing windows in 125yr old wooden church and built a cherry wood enclosure for entirely rebuilt church pipe organ.

Postcrypt Gallery, Columbia University, NYC

Hanawalt designed student art gallery beneath St.Pauls Chapel, Columbia University, NYC.  The ceiling of the gallery is comprised of (4) vaults of Guastavino Tile construction to a center column.  The building and space are on the National Historic Registry.  One challenge was to create the space with only with no historic changes, yet not invoke union labor requirements for movable display.  We tread that fine line using masonry grout screws and aircraft cable to fasten display walls to conceal backlighting.  Project conceived, orchestrated and constructed by Debra Laefer and her team of dedicated undergraduate girls.

Michael Mabry Design, San Francisco-

Design office interior on the sixth floor of a 1920's building at the corner of Sutter Street and Jackson.  Built by Red Dog Construction: David Hanawalt, Buddy Rhodes & Kevin Kaminski.  LIMN provided furnishing and cabinetry.  Buddy Rhodes created the concrete reception desk. David Hanawalt designed the space and provided the railroad spring for the reception desk. 1983.