Furniture Design

Model-T Rolling Bed

With a lift of the lever, the bed is raised on ball bearing tracks and with a little push rolls outdoors into the screen porch.  Wenge and Zebrawood.  The bed was fabricated and installed by Woodbine, Suttons Bay, Michigan. This bed and installation won the 2008 "Architectural Detail of the Year" from Residential Architect magazine.

Cafe/Book Table

Corner table designed to function both a higher English library book table cojoined with a lower French Bistro table; this in honest recognition of the inevitable and universal coffee spill.  Rosewood and white marble tops, aluminum base. Fabricated by Joe Jeup, Jeup International.


Two types of bunk beds with built in closets and drawers; one with a mini stair, the other with a ladder.  Wenge, smoked tempered glass, stainless steel and fabric.  I designed the initial configurations specifically for the Symphonic House children's bedrooms and the designs were elaborated and fabricated by Joe Jeup, Jeup International. 

Three Platform Beds

One King and two queen beds on black oak and stainless steel platforms and headboards.  The side tables are built into the beds and are adjustable.

Rooftop Table

An all season table for a rooftop deck on Lake Michigan.  Heavy gauge stainless steel frame and 3" cottonwood slab designed to age and occasionally be flipped.  In a real sense, the maintenance of the table top is dependent on the bleaching and antimicrobial effects of direct sunlight.

100% Organic Mattress Project

Organic wool, organic cotton and natural rubber make up these custom mattresses. The project is at the lab/fire testing stage having passed the first tests.  Joint project with Lynne Irvine and "Mattresses By Design", Harbor Springs, MI and others.

Woman in the Wood

Wall cabinet made by Hanawalt in the UC Berkeley architecture woodshop of Koa, Birch, Rosewood, Rosadillo and Copper, approx 1980

Master Bed

A built-in Master Bedroom platform King size bed of "figured anigre" wood veneers.  The backboard is curved and the sidetables are radially curved in parallel. House indoor and exterior lighting, phones and house electronics were built into the sidetables.

Oval Table

Oval table for Michael LaMotte Studio constructed of polished steel, copper sulfate coating and polished glass oval.

Arts & Crafts