William Close, Sonic Installation Artist #on request, Closesound@aol.com, Long String Harps at

Symphonic House (Wege House) 


Pete Erickson, Producer/Director #on request,


Symphonic House film for AvantGardeDiaries, MercedesBenzTV


Rodney Riley, Invision Construction (231)883-3454


built Donall House, Hanson/Schianella House, Wilhelm House


David Webster, Webster Construction (231)941-7073


built Burkert House, Higgins House, Asmussen/Cooper House


Bob Biggs, Biggs Construction   (231)256-9421

built Wege House, Wilson Houses, Ward House, Collins House and many others.


Rick Schumaker, Rod Jones, Strong Timbers (231)632-0843

superb timberframes for BlackStar Farms, Collins Bahama, Burkert House, Belitsos House, Wilson Houses


Scott Lankford, Lankford Design (231)218-5924

kitchens and baths at Asmussen/Cooper House, Hanson/Schianella House


Angela Goodall, Kitchen Choreography (231)932-9700

kitchen and baths at Burkert House


Sandra Bargiel, Bay Cabinetry (231)946-6882

kitchen and baths at Amos House


Todd Waara, Waara Technologies (231)409-8447

Sound Systems/installations  Burkert House


David Elmgren, Sound Design (231)271-6969  www.sounddesignaudio.com

Sound System/installations, Architectural 3D drawings Wege House


Jeffrey Ryan Schwaiger, 3D renderings  (231)735-2127

renderings of Anderson/Dejong House, Thomas House, Genoa House and Turfzone.


Jess Allen Glowacki, LEED-AP, (602)829-8416

design collaborations on Donall House, Owen Storefront, Garland Street


Joe Jeup, Jeup International  (616)669-0427

rosewood panel walls, furniture and cabinetry at Wege House


Tim Thomson, Jim Benedict, Woodbine (231)271-3999

cabinetry at Wege House, cabinetry and rolling bed at Belitsos House


Peter Tata, Architectural Photographer (512)626-1783 ptata@austin.rr.com


Todd Zawistowski, Photographer (231)357-3630 todd@traversemagazine.com


Peter Thompson, Photographer (773)879-6848 peter@peterthompsonphoto.com  NY Times photographer


Erik Owen, Architectural Photographer (937)768-2284


Bob Roe, Owner- Precision Plumbing & Mechanical (231) 275-5273

plumbing and mechanical for Wege House, BlackStar Winery, Belitsos and others. Always done right and reliable.


Bob Bourne, Electrician (505) 301-8989

electrical for Donall House, Hanson/Schianella House, InsideOut Gallery


Steve Bunker, Electrician (231) 357-3680

electrical for Belitsos, Wilson houses and many others.


Phil Rice, Masonry (231) 645-1106

Masonry and StoneWork for Burkert House, Donall House, many others. Superb.


Lenny Allgaier, Peninsula Pavers (231)218-0412

Masonry, paving and Landscape boulders for Burkert House, Inside/Out Gallery.  Superb.


Dale, Tilestone (231)929-7207

interior and exterior tile at Burkert House and many others. Excellent.

Buddy Rhodes & Kevin Kaminski as Partners in Red Dog Construction for various San Francisco projects including Michael Mabry Design and The Red Wedge art installation.


(Note: we appreciate that quality projects are never the sole result of the architect; architecture is a collaboration.  If you or your company have contributed to any of the projects produced and do not see your credit, please send a note and your names will be added to the above list.