Napa Valley College

Wine Education Center

A proposed new facility adding and enhancing existing programs at the Napa Valley College Wine and Viticulture Technology center.  The project is currently in major fundraising, with Wine Spectator providing primary support.  The project is also in RFP for design/engineering/construction.  Hanawalt provided this preliminary design working with the college as staff architect with Lail Design Group; this design is under the architect license of Hanawalt. 

The project involves three proposed phases:

1. A new 'Sensory Classroom', which is an approximately 100 seat classroom equipped with advanced air quality, light quality, sound quality and facilities specifically to enhance the tasting and understanding of wine.  The building is projected to be energy efficient, energy producing and constructed with LEED principles.

2. Replacement of an existing building for public wine tasting.   One of the oldest buildings on campus, the 'Ag' building is a multiservice building including instruction and marketing.  The replacement building is intended to enhance the public/marketing elements of the wine education program and overall interface with the larger Napa Valley community.

3. Renovated existing facilities for Laboratory, Winery and Storage buildings.  Renovated perimeter landscape elements to include an accessible 'Outdoor Classroom'.